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    Music, the language of the soul, is as old as humanity. The therapeutic benefits of music can be traced back in time to ancient shamanistic rituals. Music, as tool of healing was recognized in the writings of Aristotle, Pythagoras and Plato. They believed that it can influence physical, emotional, cognitive and social well-being and improve quality of life. In fact, there have been many recent studies that show if you listen to music while exercising, your brain will probably work better too.

    Here are my top 10 workout songs as of October 2012:


     #10 Passion Pit – “Love Is Greed”: At first listen, this song has a happy vibe to it, but if you listen closely to the lyrics you will find a deep under belly that argue that being alone at least prevents another from being hurt, however the overall upbeat tone, combined with lead singer Michael Angelakos falsettos, is enough to jump start my workout regardless of the lyrics.

    #9 The Killers – “From Here On Out”: This short but sweet track will stay stuck in your head all day long. When listening to this song I’m subconsciously singing out loud to the chorus, “Heeeyyyyy, from here on out/friends are gonna be hard to come by”;  doesn’t matter if I’m curling dumbbells, or sprinting down the block, it has a way of taking over.

    #8 Muse – “Madness”: “I have finally seen the light,” claims Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy on “Madness”. The flickering bass throughout the song is enough to get me primed for a monster workout.

    #7 LCD Soundsystem – “I Can Change”: Lately I’ve been obsessed with this fizzing art/dance-rock sensation of a song. Go ahead and take your workout to the next level with this; I can already hear you singing along “Never change/Never change/Never change….”

    #6 Green Day – “Kill The DJ”: My favorite song from their new album ‘Uno!’. An odd tracks because it seems as if they are bashing disco, but this song itself feels disco-inspired. Either way it’s a great workout tune.

    #5 Eminem – “Space Bound”: I don’t listen to much hip-hop, but if I do, it will consist primarily from the brilliance of Eminem. This song has resurfaced into my musical rotation, and added to the workout playlist.

    #4 Metric – “Synthetica”: I saw Metric perform live a few days ago, and they were so impressive! This Canadian rock band sure knows how to put on a show. The album titled track, “Synthetica”, is my current favorite. 

    #3 Imagine Dragons – “Tiptoe”: This track has 80s glamour written all over it; it’s infectiously catchy, creative, and diverse.

    #2 The Killers – “Flesh and Bone”: The line “WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF?” is enough to get me jacked, and ready to hit some weights. The Killers have perfected anthemic songs with powerful build ups!

    #1 The Killers – “Miss Atomic Bomb”: Yes I know this months top 10 list is flooded with Killers songs; they just released a masterpiece of an album, so deal with it! This is currently my favorite track from their album ‘Battle Born’, it has everything I want in a song; profound lyrics, goose-bump inducing vocals, sick guitar riffs, thunderous bass, hammering drums, and build ups that make me feel like I can lift a car!


    You can view, listen and subscribe to my entire SHREDFAT workout playlist below. How cool is that!

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