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    Music, the language of the soul, is as old as humanity. The therapeutic benefits of music can be traced back in time to ancient shamanistic rituals. Music, as tool of healing was recognized in the writings of Aristotle, Pythagoras and Plato. They believed that it can influence physical, emotional, cognitive and social well-being and improve quality of life. In fact, there have been many recent studies that show if you listen to music while exercising, your brain will probably work better too.


    Here are my top 10 workout songs for December 2012:


    #10 Arctic Monkeys – “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair”:

    The guitar riffs alone will be rattling around in your skull long after your workout.

    #9 Shiny Toy Guns – “Carrie”:

    A synthsational 80′s pop explosion with beautiful outstanding vocals. A sure way to pump you up, while you pump some weights.

    #8 Hurts – “Sunday”

    Nostalgia and heartache leak out of this song, along with a catchy chorus we have one of those anthemic pop songs that get you moving.

    #7 Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc”:

    “‘Feel Good inc’ does exactly what it says on the tin and its carefree simple vocal arrangement spearheaded by Albarn really transports you into that convertible on a hot summers day.” – Contact Music

    #6 The Killers – “A Matter of Time”:

    “You’ve bussed enough tables to take out your girlfriend and don’t have a care and the world… but there’s impending doom around the corner! That’s the lyrical mood set on “A Matter of Time,” the most direly urgent song on “Battle Born” and another winner.” – Billboard

    #5 Arctic Monkeys – “Dangerous Animals”:

    “Matt Helders’ drumming on the frenzied riff-fest “Dangerous Animals” is jaw-dropping” – Pitchfork

    #4 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Shame And Fortune”:

    Combine the beautiful and powerful vocals of Karen O with the thunderous drums, and lightning guitar riffs from the rest of the band; and you have yourself a bad ass song to give you an energy shot during your workout. One of my favorite songs from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

    #3 Diamond Rings – “I’m Just Me”:

    “And where Diamond Rings excels is in the song’s confessions, where John O confidently displays his past personal struggles with his sexuality and his identity, all delivered on a heavier, rock-indebted sonic canvas.” – Paste Magazine

    #2 The Virgins – “Teen Lovers”:

    This short track is prefect for completing multiple sets in a short amount of time; sexy bass lines and an 80′s feeling that will put you in the right mood.

    #1 Muse – “Supremacy”:

    This is the workout song of all workout songs! It’s theatrical climax may be much for some, but for my training sessions it is ideal. “Sprawling, bombastic and overflowing with ideas.” – Contact Music


    You can view, listen and subscribe to my entire SHREDFAT workout playlist below. How cool is that!

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