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    Last Friday (August 10, 2012) I had the pleasure of watching three highly energetic bands perform, all in one night.

    Let’s start with the first band, Twenty | One | Pilots; to be honest I had never heard of them up until the show. This duo from Ohio came on stage wearing masks , I didn’t know what to expect. At first I was wondering where the rest of the band members were but I realized the band consisted of just these two. Their energy level was high from the start, and it never seemed to diminish. I was surprised by the amount of sound these two generated! Their set was short but they were able to amp up the crowd with their blend of electronic pop music and never let the beat drop.


    Next up on the bill was Walk The Moon. To be honest I was just as excited to see them as I was to see the headliner, Neon Trees. I’ve been obsessively listening to Walk The Moon for the past month; they write infectious pop tunes that stay stuck in your head for days. Several friends told me that they put on a great show, so the hype and expectations were at a high level. The band came on stage with their signature face paint striped across their faces. Lead singer Nicholas Petricca is one talented dude; he kind of reminds me of Mark Foster (Lead singer of Foster The People). Nicholas is all over the place; singing, banging on drums, playing the keyboard, and yes he even throws in a dance move once in a while. My favorite song from WTM’s set was “I Can Lift A Car”; it grows the way a pop ballad should! The one and only disappointment I had was that they didn’t play my favorite song from them, ‘Iscariot’, I even shouted it out a couple of times; I had to try haha.

    Overall their live show definitely lived up to the high expectations, and have made my infatuation with them grow even larger.

    Here are a couple of photos I took from the show.


    Below is video I recorded of their closing song, “Anna Sun”. You probably heard this song before as it is their first single; if not, do yourself a favor and give it a listen!


    The show could have ended right after Walk The Moon’s set and I would have been happy; but lucky for me another awesome band, Neon Trees, were coming on stage! I’ve been following them since they broke onto the scene in 2009 with the catchy pop song “Animal”. Ronnie Vannucci Jr, the drummer from my favorite band, The Killers, help put them on the map after discovering Neon Trees, and then having them open up for The Killers in 2008.

    Lead singer Tyler Glenn came on stage looking like the rock star that he is, belting out tunes with so much passion that you’d think it was his last show ever.


    At one point during the show he climbed over to the side barrier, grabbed the cell phone of a girl who was taking pictures of her friend (and ignoring the show), Tyler then proceeded to act like he was taking pictures of himself with her phone. He then gave the phone back to her, and called her out on it later in the show. Hilarious!

    I was really impressed with the live sound of Neon Trees. They sounded clean, and very well polished, like true music professionals. Tyler took the time in between some songs to interact with the crowd; he was so humble and down to Earth, a very likeable guy. Every song was bursting with energy with the exception of this piano ballad of the song “Your Surrender”. (Watch Below)

    A friend that I met last month at The Killers show in NYC, Tamara, performed on stage with Neon Trees during the song “Mad Love”.


    Tyler continued to prance around the stage, getting a roar out of each section of the crowd. He was so pumped up at one point he ended up jumping into the crowd!


    I recorded video of their most popular single, “Animal”. This song had the crowd going nuts. Check out the video below.

    After the show I was able to meet Tyler Glenn for a brief moment, I told him he was a great front-man, you can tell he really appreciated this compliment. He then told me that he liked the black David Bowie t-shirt I was wearing. I came away really impressed with Tyler’s humility; you can tell he is so grateful to be in a successful rock band. He hasn’t let the fame get to him; at least from what I see. I hope Neon Trees continue to get more popular because they certainly do deserve it.


    To view the rest of the photos from the show, Facebook me:


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