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    If I were to say I listen to a lot of music, I’d seriously be understating it. If I’m not listening to music for pleasure, I’m listening to it while I work on the computer (like right now) or when I train my clients. I could always find the right song to play for the current mood I’m in. I say all of these things because I want you to understand how hard it is for me to choose my top 5 bands; there are just so many bands that I enjoy hearing sweet sounds from. In an effort to complete this post I have compiled my top 5. Keep in mind that these are my current top 5, and they are likely to fluctuate on a month by month basis.

    I would love to know who your top 5 favorite bands are; leave a comment in the box below this post!

    Without further a due, here are my top 5:


    NUMBER 5 – FLORENCE + THE MACHINE (Updated August 2012, previously occupied by Kings Of Leon)


    Yes they are categorized as band, hence “+ The Machine”. Lately, this English indie rock band has stolen my musical heart. Not only does Flo (lead singer, Florence Welch) have a beautiful transcending voice, but she also writes really profound lyrics. Flo has stated in the past that her songs are “stories with consequences and weird morality issues.” I remember watching a YouTube video of them performing “You’ve Got The Love” from V Festival 2010; the way the song starts off slowly and then builds up is something special; Flo’s bold and brass voice explodes half way through the song giving me chills down my spine, it was an absolutely flawless performance! Go listen to their MTV Unplugged performance, and I dare you not to have goose bumps as it is one of the best MTV Unplugged performances I have ever seen; it’s right up there with Nirvana’s famous 1994 performance. I’m finally going to be able to see Florence + The Machine perform live next month (September 2012) in Sunrise, Florida (pictures, videos, and review to come).

    SONGS YOU MUST LISTEN TO: “No Light, No Light”, “Shake It Out”, “Spectrum”, “Never Let Me Go”, “Only If For A Night”.



    These guys are the epitome of American rock. Their album “Is This It” is one of my all time favorites; each song on that CD is a classic; the only bad thing about that album is it’s length, just over 30 mins. With turbulent guitar riffs, sick bass lines, and unique vocals (sounds like he’s singing from a payphone), The Strokes are one hell of a rock group. They have influenced some of the best bands out today; Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines, and many more! My only regret is not having seen them live yet, this is partly due to their 3+ years hibernation period. I’m so glad these guys are back together now recording great music.

    SONGS YOU MUST LISTEN TO: “Last Night”, “Take It Or Leave It”, “Taken For A Fool”,”Under Control”, “You Only Live Once”.



    You may be thinking how the heck can a band that’s so new, with only one album, be in my top 5? All I can say is that these guys do it for me! Their debut album “Torches” is quirky, cool, and undeniably a brilliant mix of dance, and pop/rock. Listen to any song from them once, and you’ll be singing it in your head all day. I haven’t even mentioned how electric and fun their live performances are; I’m actually seeing them perform live two weeks from today in Central Park, two nights in a row! Full review to come. Just YouTube one of their live performances and you’ll see why I love these guys so much.

    SONGS YOU MUST LISTEN TO: “Waste”, “Ruby”, “Helena Beat”, “Call It What You Want”.



    The best way to describe these guys is “poetry you can dance to”. Lyrically, lead singer Mikel Jollett is probably the most talented writer in the music industry today. It’s a shame that TATE is not very popular here in the United States; I don’t know why that is. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform live last November in Orlando; I was already very much into their music but they stole my heart that evening.  You get everything you need from their music; intimate poetic storytelling, fast-dancing drums, wailing guitars, and anthemic hooks. They are true musicians in every sense of the word.

    SONGS YOU MUST LISTEN TO: ”Sometime Around Midnight”, “Innocence”, “All At Once”, “Happiness Is Overrated”.



    When it comes to my #1 band, The Killers have occupied that spot for the last 6 years; I don’t see this changing anytime soon. I fell in love with these guys back in 2006 when I saw them perform live during their Sam’s Town tour. I’ve seen them a total of 5 times, and I’m seeing them again at FireFly Festival this July; they are by far the greatest live performers I’ve ever seen. I can go on and on about how amazing their music is, but in an effort to keep this post short I’ll just say this; all four members of The Killers combine to make something extraordinary, something magical, near musical perfection! Whichever musical itch I have, they always manage to scratch it. They have lyrics that mean so much to me that I have some of them tattooed on my rib cage. If you aren’t a “victim” of The Killers, do yourself a favor and change that.

    SONGS YOU MUST LISTEN TO: “A Dustland Fairytale”, “Sweet Talk”, “Shadowplay”, ‘All These Things That I’ve Done”, “For Reasons Unknown”, “Read My Mind”, “When You Were Young”, “Tranquilize”.


    Below you can listen to, and subscribe via Spotify, to all the songs recommended in this post. Enjoy!

    Who are your top 5 favorite bands at the moment? Leave me a comment below!

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