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    The triple bill at Rumsey Playfield consisted of Kimbra, The Kooks, and the headliner Foster The People. They performed two nights in a row, (5/29/2012, 5/30,2012); I was lucky enough to attend both shows! Here is my review:


    Let’s start with the opening act, Kimbra. You may know her from Gotye’s song “Somebody That I Used To Know”. She’s a flashy dresser who’s probably going to be a lot more popular in the coming months; unfortunately for her she is not popular in the US as of right now, which resulted in the crowd being a bit disconnected with her music.I thought she put on a decent show given the circumstances.

    Kimbra joined Foster the People onstage to sing their song, “Warrior.” Below is video I found on YouTube of that performance.

    I rate her performance a 6.5 out of 10.



    The Kooks were the second act on the bill. I was really impressed with their clean and effortless sound; it felt as if they didn’t miss a beat.

    Frontman Luke Pritchard showed excellent showmanship as he pranced from each side of the stage getting a rise from the crowd. I had the honor of meeting Luke and his girlfriend after the show; cool peeps!

    I recorded my favorite song from their set, “Naive”. Check out my video below.

    The Kooks have definitely established themselves as one of the better live bands around. I give their performance an 8.4 out of 10.



    These were the first two shows of their last US tour for their debut album “Torches”. Mark Foster came out with high energy right from the start of the show. My absoulute favorite moment was during their performance of “Houdini” (first show); when FTP started the song, a huge gust of cool wind brushed over the crowd, followed by dark clouds; the crowd started screaming and applauding as we all knew a heavy storm was approaching. The skies opened up as the song climaxed, heavy rain started to fall on the dancing and joyous crowd. It was a moment that could never be replicated.

    Here we are soaked, and loving it!

    As for the rest of the show, it was highly energetic with really dope laser lights. FTP are extremely talented musicians that play multiple instruments throughout their show; it’s quite impressive. Mark Foster has some of the best dance moves I’ve ever seen; he’s a dancing machine! Forget those moves like Jagger, I want those moves like Foster.

    Watch my video below of “Houdini” to see some of the magic that occurred that night. You can actually hear the thunder at the 3:18 mark, incredible!

    I give FTP’s performance a 9.1 out of 10.

    After the first show I had the honor of attending a private party for Foster The People and The Kooks at a bar/lounge called “Cabin Down Below”. It was a surreal experience as I had a conversation with members of Foster The People, and The Kooks front man Luke Pritchard. When I explained to Mark Foster how awesome it was when the thunderstorm came over us, he replied with “thanks, I planned that”, haha! I asked Mark “What’s up with the porn stache he was rockin’”, he replied with a chuckle and said “He’s trying to change things up a bit”. The next day he had his stache shaved for the second show, coincidence? I think not!

    Below is a picture of Mark Foster and I.

    I flew all the way up from Miami Beach to see these two shows; it was definitely worth the trip. If you have the chance to see FTP or The Kooks (or both!), make sure you do so.


    If you want to see all of my recorded videos from the show, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

    If you want to see all of my photos from the show, click here.

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