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    There are way too many bands these days; A lot of them are really talented, some of them not so much. I created a new category for my music blog, “Band of The Month”, in an effort to help my followers discover new music.

    Each month I become infatuated with a band. I will go through their entire catalog several times in an almost obsessive manner. The band I’m obsessed with this month is Diamond Rings. Allow me to share with you why I think this band is so awesome.


    John O’Regan is a Canadian artist and musician best known by his stage name Diamond Rings.

    “Even on Diamond Rings’ first album, Special Affections, it was clear that this was not simply another bedroom synthpop project content with crowds of stone-faced hipsters in small clubs. John O managed to turn those tiny shows into something glamorous, notable as much for his glittery wardrobe and choreographed dance moves as the emotionally honest set of dancefloor anthems that he was performing. An eventual stint touring much larger venues in support of pop princess Robyn gave Diamond Rings a taste of a different musical world where his ideas could be fleshed out and probably sealed the fate of what he is now offering us with Free Dimensional.” – Paste Magazine




    ‘Special Affections’ (2011)

    Secret_City_DiamondRings_12_Cover.indd“There is nothing subdued about Diamond Rings and the debut record Special Affections, which after getting some attention in its initial release is seeing a proper reissue from Astralwerks. Seeing Diamond Rings live reveals a one-man-show, and that one man is discovering that he is, in fact, a star. And not one of those faint stars that crowd the night sky, but a star of such brightness that it can turn night into day, a star so bright that he can share a stage with Robyn and Twin Shadow, alike. Sure, it is more than just the music that turns Diamond Rings into such a full-bodied experience (think glitter, eye makeup, choreography), but a revisiting of Special Affections reveals an album that can stand alone, that presents all the drama and emotional immediacy that his live show encompasses. In short, Diamond Rings is the total package, even when he doesn’t need to be.”



    ‘Free Dimensional’ (2012)


    “O’Regan takes the droning pulsations of Kraftwerk, the rock-affected dance music of New Order and the bubbling synthetics of early Depeche Mode to create an alluring pop blend that sounds retro yet totally modern. He delivers lyrical allusions to tunes by Neneh Cherry (“Buffalo Stance”) and Roxy Music (“Love Is the Drug”) as well as name-dropping Culture Club’s Kissing to Be Clever album.

    But O’Regan is his own man. All of Free Dimensional comes from his solo pen. He co-produced the disc with Damian Taylor (Björk, the Killers) and constructed most of its programmed beats and rhythms. His voice, with its barrel-deep yet computerized tone, immediately draws you into gems such as “Everybody Speaks,” “Day & Night,” “Put Me On,” “All the Time,” “I’m Just Me” and “A to Z.”



    Songs You Must Listen To:

    “It’s Not My Party”, “All Yr Songs”, “You & Me”, “Something Else”, “Put Me On”, “Runaway Love”, “A to Z”, “I’m Just Me”, “Day & Night”, “(I Know) What I’m Made Of”.

    I took the liberty of creating a Spotify playlist of my favorite songs from Diamond Rings. Subscribe and enjoy!

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