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    There are way too many bands these days; A lot of them are really talented, some of them not so much. I created a new category for my music blog, “Band of The Month”, in an effort to help my followers discover new music.

    Each month I become infatuated with a band. I will go through their entire catalog several times in an almost obsessive manner. The band I’m obsessed with this month is The Kooks. Allow me to share with you why I think this band is so awesome.


    The Kooks are a British Indie rock band that was formed back in 2004.  Most people describe their music as “catchy as hell”; I don’t disagree with that. They draw major influence from the ’60s and ’90s British pop eras; ain’t nothing wrong with that!

    I saw The Kooks perform live for the first time in May 2012, they were the opening band for Foster The People; I saw them two nights in a row, in Central Park, NYC! You can read my full review of those two shows by clicking here. At the time I was a already a fan, but I hadn’t heard their entire catalog, yet! After seeing them perform live two nights in a row, I was really impressed with their effortless clean sound, and front-man Luke Pritchard’s resounding stage presence. It was at that point that I decided to Spotify the crap out of them!

    They currently have three studio albums:

    “Inside In / Inside Out” (2006)           “Konk” (2008)                           “Junk Of The Heart” (2011)


    Their most well known track is probably “Naive”; it’s the first song I heard from them. Naive is so easy on the ear you’ll be forced to sing along to it.

    The Kooks are britpop at it’s finest. Lead singer Luke Pritchard’s unique vocals compliment the bands witty song-craft and catchy vocals that results in great music that’s very enjoyable to listen to. Go give these Brits a listen!

    Songs you must download:

    “She Moves In Her Own Way”, “Naive”, “F**k The World Off” ,”Junk Of The Heart (Happy)”, “Sway”, “Eskimo Kiss”, “Matchbox”.

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