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    With so much music out there it’s sometimes hard to find those really good bands that you connect with. Not to worry, I’ve done all the “hard work” of listening through tons of different bands for you. Every so often I’ll present you with 5 bands that you should be listening to. These bands aren’t the most popular, but they definitely are some of the most talented. With that being said, here is my list for the month of May, 2012:


    Of Monsters and Men:

    Here is a six piece indie folk/indie pop band from Iceland that sounds like the combination of 4 awesome bands; Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire, and The XX. Formed in 2010, they are fairly brand new. Their hit single “Little Talks” (shown below with their really cool music video) was the first song I heard from them; I remember first hearing it and thinking to myself, “who are these guys??”. I recommend you get on their bandwagon now because I have a feeling this band will be blowing up soon. I’ll be seeing them at Lollapalooza this August so you can look forward to hearing more about them. Some of my favorites tracks from them include: “Dirty paws”, King and Lionheart”, and “Slow and Steady”.



    While she is not really a band, Laura Pergolizzi (LP) is an incredible singer with vocals that give my ears a great deal of pleasure. She used to be a songwriter for Rihanna, The Backstreet Boys, and Christina Aguilera; now she is doing her own thing. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform live last week at SunFest in West Palm Beach, Florida; she was battling a cold that day but still managed to reach vocal dominance. You may have heard her song “Into The Wild” (shown below) during a commercial for Citibank. Throw on some of her music, close your eyes, and enjoy the ride. Some of my favorites from her include: “Levitater”, and “Wasted Love”.


    Imagine Dragons:

    This kick ass band from Sin City has a wide range of styles. When I listen to these guys I feel good, they are professionals at creating a hook that gets you stomping your feet and singing along. I highly recommend you check these guys out because with the talent they have, I’m sure they’ll be getting a lot more attention in the near future. Some of my favorite tracks from them are: “Demons” (shown below), “Radioactive”, and “On Top of the World”.


    Two Door Cinema Club:

    Yes, their first and only studio album “Tourist History” was released over two years ago, but still a lot of people don’t know about this kick ass indie rock band from Ireland. Their music is snappy, fun to dance to, and highly likeable. I’ve heard they have a strong stage presence during their lives shows; I’ll find this out for myself when I see them perform live next month in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Their track “What You Know” (shown below) was an instant favorite that I immediately added to my workout playlist. Some other favorites from them are: “Something Good Can Work For You”, and “Undercover Martyn”.


    Noah and The Whale:

    This indie folk band from England has been around since 2006, yet they are not popular in the United States. It’s a damn shame really because these guys are good. NME described their music as bright, breezy, upbeat, polished and radio-ready, I couldn’t agree more! Some of my favorite tracks from them are: “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.” (shown below), “Tonight’s the Kind of Night”, and “5 Years Time”.

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