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    With so much music out there it’s sometimes hard to find those really good bands to connect with. Not to worry, I’ve done all the “hard work” of listening through tons of different bands. Every so often I’ll present you with 5 bands that you should be listening to. These bands aren’t necessarily the most popular, but they definitely are some of the most talented. With that being said, here is my list for the month of September 2012:


    Walk The Moon:

    One year after hearing their breakthrough hit “Anna Sun”, this Cincinnati quartet has put me on a musical spell; I’ve given their full album so many plays on Spotify that it’s a wonder why I’m not getting charged extra! Their music consists of poppy hooks and pumped-up choruses that make me feel it in my heart and in my hips. My infatuation with WTM has grown after seeing them perform live earlier this month, full review here.

    Some of my favorites tracks from them include: “Iscariot”, “Next In Line”, “I Can Lift A Car”, “Jenny”, “Anna Sun”.


    The Vaccines:

    These English indie rockers formed two year ago in West London. The band talked of influences ranging from “’50s rock ‘n’ roll to 80s American hardcore and good pop music”. They are about to release their second album next week entitled ‘Come of Age’. Admittedly, The Vaccines’ songs aren’t really about very much, however they are a lot of fun to listen to, and their music stays stuck in your head all day long. This band is part of the new generation, so get used to them!

    Some of my favorites tracks from them include: “Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)”, “Wet Suit”, “Post Break-up Sex”, “No Hope”, “Teenage Icon”.


    The Naked and Famous:

    These New Zealand rockers captured my musical heart earlier this year (March 2012) when I saw them perform live from Grand Central in downtown Miami, FL; I was a casual fan going into the show, and left a super fan. You should check this band out just for having one of the coolest band names. Their guitar-gilded electro-pop style turn my feet into dancing slaves.

    Some of my favorites tracks from them include: “Girls Like You”, “All of This”, “Punching In a Dream”, “Young Blood”.



    Shiny synths, garage rock, and bright melodies; this London band has it all! I have high expectations for this band, especially because they have been compared to the Pixies and Pulp. Their debut album ‘Baby’ which was released early this year, is a guitar rock powerhouse! I have a feeling these guys are going to be HUGE.

    Some of my favorites tracks from them include: “Corners of an English Field”, “We Were Children”, “Sappho”, “Bad Apple”.


    The Head And The Heart:

    This indie folk-pop band hails from Seattle, Washington. Recorded and released on their own dime, they released their self-titled debut album,  and sold 10,000 copies by word of mouth alone! Upbeat acoustics and catchy, intentionally familiar harmonies make this band a pleasure to listen to; I can practically smell the camp fire when I throw their record on.

    Some of my favorites tracks from them include: “Lost My Mind”, “Cats and Dogs”, “Couer d’Alene”, Down In The Valley”, “Ghosts”.


    Listen to my favorite tracks from these bands, via Spotify below. Enjoy!