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    With so much music out there it’s sometimes hard to find those really good bands to connect with. Not to worry, I’ve done all the “hard work” of listening through tons of different bands. Every so often I’ll present you with 5 bands that you should be listening to. These bands aren’t necessarily the most popular, but they definitely are some of the most talented. With that being said, here is my list for the month of November 2012:



    He’s My Brother She’s My Sister:

    Get ready music world, because Los Angeles has themselves a hidden gem named ‘He’s My Brother She’s My Sister‘, and they are about to make a huge splash in the music industry. The band is made up of actual siblings (they weren’t lying), Rachel and Robert Kolar; along with 3 other members (Lauren Brown, Aaron Robinson, Oliver Newell), each of which contribute their own unique style to the bands music.

    He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister are well known for their live, very theatrical shows; I’m looking forward to seeing them live sometime in the near future, in the meantime I’ve been watching them perform vicariously through YouTube, and via a very special performance at Audio Tree studios. You can watch that Audio Tree performance by clicking here; you won’t regret it!

    Their full length debut album ‘Nobody Dances In This Town’ was just released in October 2012. It’s a glamorous folk rock album with influences expanding across the 60′s and 70′s; with a touch of modern sounding songs from the world of alternative country. Robert and Rachel Kolar swap vocals so effortlessly, and in such a way that shows they could be right up their one day with Southern rock royalty.

    Check this band out now because I have a feeling they are going to blow up in 2013.

    “Like” them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hesmybrothershesmysister

    Songs You Must Listen To: “Clackin’ Heels”, “Can’t See The Stars”, “Tales That I Tell”, “Let It Live Free”, ‘Let’s Go”.


    First Aid Kit:

    Keeping up with the family theme; First Aid Kit is a Swedish folk duo composed of sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg, whose close vocal harmonies and woodsy, folk-influenced songwriting take influence from the likes of Fleet Foxes and Joanna Newsom. Their debut, 2010′s The Big Black and the Blue, released when the sisters were just 17 and 19, was so striking– with their otherworldly, interlocking voices and uncanny understanding of imagined adult pains. (1)

    The choruses are big and chewy, even on the most melancholy tracks. (2) There is a sweet wistfulness about their music; a very young duo that already sounds like well seasoned folk veterans. I’m impressed.

    “Like” them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/firstaidkitofficial

    Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FirstAidKitBand

    Songs You Must Listen To: “Emmylou”, “The Lion’s Roar”, “Blue”, “Hard Believer”, “Ghost Town”.


    Wolf Gang:

    Wolf Gang is a British alternative and symphonic rock band with Max McElligott as lead vocalist. Their debut album ‘Suego Faults’, “named after an imaginary never-never land envisioned in a dream, the shiny little microcosm that is Londoner Max McElligott’s debut has been a long time in the nurturing and crafting, and it shows. Smoother, richer and more substantial than the skittish, David-Byrne-on-a-hot-tin-roof peacock pop of 2009 single ‘Pieces Of You’, everything here is beautifully made, lightweight and durable.”(3)

    Sparkling indie-pop zinging with class, energy and potential?(4) I’m sold!

    “Like” them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisiswolfgang

    Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wolfgang

    Songs You Must Listen To: “The King And All Of His Men”, “Midnight Dancers”, “Lions In Cages”, “Suego Faults”, “Dancing With The Devil”.


    The Shoes:

    The Shoes are an electro duo from Reims, France. The two members Guillaume Brière and Benjamin Lebeau’s aren’t yet household names, their background has at least prepared them well for making really good dance music.

    “Of their more upbeat numbers, “People Movin” might have the most effective hook, an understatedly soulful revolving door chorus (“People movin’ out/ People movin’ in/ Why?”) set to a preset Rhythm Ace “Latin” beat augmented with live drums and a mopey flute motif. Also outstanding is “Cliché”, on which an arresting female vocal stutter opens up into synth squeals and airy diva vocals on the choruses.”(5)

    My favorite from their album ‘Crack My Bones’ is “Time To Dance”. It was the first song I heard from them; I actually saw the music video on YouTube. The music video is disturbingly brilliant; it features actor Jake Gyllenhaal going around town killing “hipsters’ in a violent manner. The song is so catchy, and a favorite workout song.

    “Like” them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/THE-SHOES

    Songs You Must Listen To: “Time To Dance”, “People Movin”, “Stay The Same”, “Cover Your Eyes”, “Crack My Bones”.



    “Time Capsules II, the debut album by Brooklyn’s Oberhofer, is lyrically and musically focused on the ecstatic rush of young love and the emotional fragility attached to it. From the dramatic, fluttering piano intro of “Heart”, it’s evident that Oberhofer has set its ambitions sky-high. The spiraling orchestral build leads into the shimmering guitar on “Landline”. Here, frontman Brad Oberhofer sings with his heart on his sleeve (where it remains for the entirety of Time Capsules II), delivering earnest emotional lines like “And you fell down again/Well darling let me pick you up ’cause you were right/This time/Last time/Please tell me that you know.”(6)

    “Like” them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OberhoferJamz

    Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OBERHOFERMUSIC

    Songs You Must Listen To: “Away Frm U”, “I Could Go”, “Heart”, “Landline”, “Yr Face”.


    Listen to my favorite tracks from these bands, via Spotify below. Enjoy!



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