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    Discover these new tunes for the month of February 2013. Show off your vast musical knowledge in front of others. Enjoy!

     #10 Royal Teeth – “Heartbeats”

    “With its crazy catchy and super powerful chorus, I can see this one quickly becoming the most popular single for Royal Teeth. Ms. Patterson however holds her own on the album’s fifth and final track “Heartbeats.” – InvadeNola


    #9 The Neighbourhood – “Sweater Weather”

    “The Neighbourhood are on the precipice of becoming the next Foster The People, making their deliriously catchy “Sweater Weather” this year’s “Pumped Up Kicks.” It’s an oddly titled, but undeniable big-by-summer jam.” – PrettyMuchAmazing


    #8 Blondfire – “Where The Kids Are”

    “Where the Kids Are” is the bubbly lead track from the group’s upcoming album, Win the Game. The song was mixed by Wally Gagel, who has worked with Muse and Gorillaz. “It kind of wrote itself,” says Erica. “‘Where the Kids Are’ is basically our little anthem reminding everyone that youth is fleeting. You have to live it up to the fullest and enjoy life before it passes you by.” – Rolling Stone


    #7 Air Traffic Controller – “Hurry, Hurry”

    “Hurry Hurry” would be the most immediately engaging song in that more famous band’s recent catalog.” – Boston Globe


    #6 Phoenix – “Entertainment”

    Phoenix are back, and if their freshly squeezed single ‘Entertainment’ is anything to go by, they’re still as brilliant as ever.

    #5 Youngblood Hawke – “Stars (Hold On)”

    “That one will make you run, but “Stars (Hold On)” buzzes with psychedelic orchestration and a funky falsetto that belies just how epic everything underneath is.” – ArtistDirect


    #4 Churchill – “Change”

    “Denver newcomer Churchill doesn’t overthink its first major bid at radio success, as “Change” is the sort of brilliantly simple chunk of alternative rock that becomes frozen in a listener’s memory after a single spin.” – Billboard


    #3 Night Terrors of 1927 – “Dust and Bones”

    “The duo from Los Angeles recently released a new song entitled Dust And Bones and it’s the sort of uplifting and euphoric indie anthem that are just too lovely to ignore.” – NBHAP


    #2 American Authors – “Believer”

    This feel good song has ‘Imagine Dragons’ written all over it. Enjoy


    #1 Fitz and The Tantrums – “Out Of My League”

    “they’re going back to the future in an effort to shuck the “retro” tag with new song “Out of My League,” which arrives firmly embedded in the neon pink lucite of the ’80s. To be fair, there’s a bit of the old soul in there, and the vibes aren’t too far off from the electronic-rock-pop hybridists of today, but dig those drum machines!” – SPIN


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