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    Discover these new tunes for the month of January 2013. Show off your vast musical knowledge in front of others. Enjoy!

    #10 The Lumineers – “Slow It Down”

    “Slow it Down, is piled high with emotions. Schultz’s vocals are passionate and bold. Soft guitar slowly plays as the background to a meaningful story.” – Popstache


    #9 The xx – “Missing”


    Slowed-down funky house. Enough said. Can’t wait to see them live in Miami Beach next month (February 2013)!


    #8 Gold & Youth – “Time To Kill”


    Gold & Youth takes an electronic sound to a live band presence. They are known for their live show throughout Canada and have opened for bands like The Temper Trap and Metric.

    “Time To Kill is a great introduction to the Gold & Youth sound. It’s a slow building emotional grind that will entice fans of both the above bands, as well as the xx. Starting with a simple, bass-driven synth texture, the emotion to the chorus and then drops again. A minimalist guitar line refocuses your attention to the instrumentation and builds anticipation to a bigger swell. When the track finally breaks into a jam, you’ll be hooked.” – KEXP


    #7 The Drums – “Down By The Water”


    “Pierce’s longing lyrics pouring as much from his pining heart as his mouth (“I know it’s hard / But I understand you / Just take my hand” he croons on ‘Down By The Water’, a knowingly innocent girlband style slowy that should melt even the hardest and most dismissive of hearts). One gets the sense that when The Drums get huge, and they will, it is Pierce who will garner much of the attention. His way with a phrase, a yearning for something unstated formed in half a sentence, of ugly sentiments subtly displaced by a deceptively bouncy melody, is reminiscent of Morrissey’s deft touch, a whip smart tongue combined with a rapier wit and the lovelorn romanticism of a young John Keats.” – The Quietus


    #6 Bat For Lashes – “Laura”


    “The most overtly naked track here, “Laura”, is also the most transcendent. With a gently orchestra-kissed piano-and-voice arrangement, this goosebump-inducing collaboration with the former Lizzy Grant’s ”Video Games” co-writer Justin Parker is the clearest example of how Bat for Lashes perches on the fulcrum between indie-associated sincerity and pop-oriented savvy. We’ll never know Laura, really, but we can feel what it might be like to know her. On an album with more names in the credits than Khan could ever use for song titles (also including Portishead’s Adrian Utley, among many others), the greatest testament to her strength of will might be just this: She has added a new unforgettable character to pop’s family tree.” – PITCHFORK


    #5 Chairlift – “I Belong In Your Arms”


    “I Belong in Your Arms” is the pair’s most straightforward expression of romance. Polachek’s lyrics are both conversational and imbued with the sense of pop timelessness that, as she mentioned in our conversation, “a 10-year-old might hear coming out of the radio and think, ‘Yeah! I love this!’”  The song’s opening is fleet-footed, with the splashy drum-machine skips giving way to the kind of dreamy melodic structure that melts forever but never quite disappears. It’s hard to top falling in love with a great pop song about falling in love.” – PITCHFORK


    #4 Ellie Goulding – “Joy”



    “While other songs such as “Joy” almost made my heart melt when she shed light on themes of finding love and peace from within instead of in another person’s arms. Paired with a soft melody set off by a piano, Goulding’s high-pitched voice sings in “Joy,” “I’ve figured out that joy is not in your arms / I know I’ll always ache with an empty heart.” – TheLantern


    #3 Cat Power – “Cherokee”



    “In the way it simultaneously embraces darkness and light and exists completely and defiantly outside of any larger musical trends (and clearly operates with no particular fear or hang-ups about kitsch– check out that eagle sound effect on “Cherokee”), the closest thing to Sun we’ve heard this year is probably Fiona Apple’s The Idler Wheel. But whereas Apple focuses on the highly idiosyncratic clockwork of her own brain, Marshall is more interested in the ways in which she is, in some fundamental human way, no different from anybody else.” – PITCHFORK


    #2 Of Monsters And Men – “Yellow Light”


    “The final song of the album “Yellow Light” sounds as if someone just cracked opened an old dusty jewelry box in his or her grandparent’s attic. The tinkering melody and subtle eeriness heard between the notes is enchanting and makes as if you’re about to slip through a wardrobe into a fantasy world Of Monsters and Men. So as it ends, so begins a new addiction to their stories and sound that’s coming popping up from mother earth right before our eyes.” – PINPOINT MUSIC


    #1 Mumford & Sons – “Below My Feet”


    “A song about life lost and a glimmer of hope called ‘Below My Feet’ starts slow but explodes into a ball of energy as the entire band harmonizes  “Keep the earth below my feet” with big sound and confident tones.” – Insidestl


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