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    Discover these new tunes for the month of February 2013. Show off your vast musical knowledge in front of others. Enjoy!


    #10 Capital Cities – “Center Stage”

    “Center Stage” is all about the good times, accompanied with a groovy beat. “Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast” sounds like it just stepped off a soundtrack from an 80s flick.” – yerevanmagazine


    #9 Hockey – “Song Away”

    “Sincere in its smugness, smart in its pandering and shamelessly self-aware. It begins with an electrified kick-drum-and-guitar bounce reminiscent of the Cars or Huey Lewis; when the synth chimes in seconds later, the song locks into full-on radio rock mode circa 1986. There are handclaps and electric drums and more synths. Twenty-six-year-old Ben Grubin sings with scruffy, geeky soul, a naïve conviction that’s irresistible” – SEATTLETIMES


    #8 Tegan And Sara – “How Come You Don’t Want Me”

    “Who knew that the duo had such a flavor for bombast? “How Come You Don’t Want Me” flags down a douchebag a mile away with a cocky chorus that asks: “Why don’t you want to show me off?” – Consequence of Sound


    #7 The Shoes – “Stay The Same”

    “Stay the Same” cops the glum night out vibe of early Hot Chip on the verses and the drugged choirboy falsetto of the Klaxons on the chorus.” Pitchfork


    #6 The Postelles – “White Night”

    “While their garage rock/pop sound may not be entirely original, they manage to give themselves an edge with a shot of ’50s-style rock ‘n’ roll — the kind that’s clean cut on the surface, but more wild underneath.” – MixtapeMuse


    #5 You Say France And I Whistle – “Animal”

    “Try to not smile with how light and bubbly they convey the lyrics of “You’re a sexy mother****er” in “Animal”. It’s almost impossible.” – IMPMagazine


    #4 Bad Books – “Forest Whitaker”

    “The song starts right up with a beat-heavy, disc-scratching funk – vaguesly reminiscent of Prince’s “Raspberry Beret” – and then melts into the light-hearted pop tune that’s more in line with an indie collaboration like this one, whistled melody and all.” – RollingStone


    #3 Little Dragon – “Ritual Union”


    “Ritual Union” is all kinds of catchy, with Yukimi Nagano’s vocals sounding distinguished and solidified over a perfectly balanced sea of down-tempo bliss. And, given their increase in status over the past two to three years in the music world, this is really how they should be sounding at all times.” – Consequence of Sound


    #2 Royal Teeth – “Wild”

    “With its crazy catchy and super powerful chorus, I can see this one quickly becoming the most popular single for Royal Teeth.” – InvadeNola.com


    #1 The Royal Concept – “Goldrushed”

    “the same sort of gravely guitar shutters and peckish electronics beat-bops, command the single “Goldrushed.” On the single however, there is a clear deliverance of electronic infusion that appears to be more of an interjection into what was initially perceived to be a electronic guitar and vocally lead enterprise.” – IndieCurrent


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